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Restaurant patrons want to be delighted with their dining experience, but not necessarily surprised. If you're anticipating a family-style steakhouse but you find yourself in a more formal environment with a bewildering gourmet menu, the surprise alone may keep you from enjoying the restaurant.

Concepts give restaurateurs a way to let patrons know in advance what to expect and also provide some structure for their operation. Some of the more popular restaurant concepts include seafood, steakhouses, family-style restaurants, casual dining restaurants and ethnic restaurants.

Some restaurateurs believe you must determine your concept and market before choosing a location. For example, you may want to start an Italian restaurant, so you research the market for this type of cuisine, and then, based on what you find out, choose a general area and then a precise location for the restaurant. Others believe that finding the location is the most important task and place secondary emphasis on concept and market.

For example, an entrepreneur may find a great building in a downtown business district, decide that it's perfect for a restaurant, and then determine the best concept for the location.

When it comes to restaurants, it doesn't really matter whether you research your market or your location first; what's critical is that you take the time to research both thoroughly.

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